Smart Contract Audit Services

A smart contract audit is the deep analyst of smart contract code that reveals security vulnerabilities and code inconsistencies. Once a code is on the blockchain, it is there forever and this makes professional audits the need of the hour. Our team consists of blockchain security veterans and developers who have worked with hundreds of projects and use the latest tools to find issues with smart contract code.

Security Audits

Security Audits

Our experts comprehensively review smart contract code to point out security vulnerabilities and inconsistencies.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

This is a type of smart contract audit where our QA team tests the code to find system exploits and vulnerabilities.

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Apart from smart contract audit, we provide excerpt security advisory and guidance for your entire project.

Type Of Projects That Need Security Audits

Token Contracts/Crowdsales

Token Contracts / Crowdsales

When you are dealing with thousands if not millions of users, getting a smart contract audit is crucial to maintain trust, and keep them and yourself safe.

DeFi Projects

DeFi Projects

DeFi is here to stay but it is also a sector with millions of dollars in investment. Blockchain security is key to keeping users happy.

Wallets & dApps

Wallets & dApps

Users spend most of their time on their wallet apps, and use them to access dApps. A smart contract audit is essential to help them stay safe.



NFTs are a revolution on their own, with the world now realizing the potential. Keep your users safe with smart contract audit services from our experts.

Types Of Smart Contract Audit We Offer

Types Of Smart Contract Audit We Offer

Preliminary Security Audit

Perfect for projects that want a quick turnaround and want to launch their DeFi projects quickly.

Extensive Security Audit

Multiple security experts conduct in-depth analysis with manual testing tools. Will take longer to create a report.

Full project engagement Audit

This service is for bigger projects that have multiple complex smart contracts working together.

Steps of Smart Contract Auditing

  • Preliminary Code Review
  • Known Vulnerability Analysis
  • Project Familiarization Phase
  • Code Quality Analysis
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Source Code Lock-down
  • Functionality Analysis
  • Live Testing
  • Gas Usage
  • Review of Round One Fixes
  • First Round Audit Report
  • Final Audit Report

Our Audit Process

1. Review Source Code

Our team reviews the smart contract code to see it’s complexity.

2. Send Custom Quote

After analysis, the custom quote for the contract is sent to the client.

3. Code Audit

Here is where the magic happens, our expert analyzes the code line by line to see vulnerabilities and inconsistencies.

4. Suggest Remediations

We propose improvements to the code after analyzing the code.

5. Complete Audit

We conduct a top to bottom audit and provide a detailed report for your reference.

Benefits Of Smart Contract Audit

  • Extensive Audit Reports on Severe, Major, and Minor Bugs with recommendations with a leading smart contract audit company.
  • Our auditors check for 100+ Vulnerabilities with the right tools and expertise.
  • Audits for all Major Blockchain platforms Ethereum, TRON, EOS, HyperLedger, IOST with a reputed smart contract audit company.
  • Minimal and competitive Audit Cost with expert advice on how to make contracts efficient.
  • We are a smart contract audit company that provides snappy Turnaround Times with thorough audits.
  • All of our audits are done by security experts in blockchain space with years of hands-on experience.
Smart Contract Benefits

Why choose us as your Smart Contract Audit Company?

Technical Prowess

With years of experience in the blockchain industry, we possess the technical prowess to audit complex smart contracts.

Expert Team

Our team consists of blockchain security experts and developers with years of experience in creating and auditing smart contracts.

Complete Support

Our services are completely end-to-end and transparent with expert guidance and support at all times.

Meaningful Outcomes

Our smart contract audit services are result-oriented and our experts look at the end results of a project rather than just the lines of code.

Client Success Stories

Our clients are among the popular projects in the crypto and enterprise market, and are highly successful.

Technologies & Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

A smart contract audit is the technical review of a smart contract to find any vulnerabilities or inconsistencies in code.

While a simple token contract audit can take 2-3 days, audits for complex smart contracts can take upto 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the contract.

No automated review system can beat the experienced eye and skill of a blockchain security expert. While a program can review the code, it takes an expert to properly review a logic.

The audit report will consist of known vulnerabilities, risk assessment, and mitigation recommendations in case there are code issues, security issues, or gas inefficiencies.

Since each project is different, the cost for each audit will also be different. You can submit your request along with your smart contract code so that our expert can review the code and quote a proper package.


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